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In Florida, Probate courts oversee the administration of individual estates after death,  guardianships of minors, and conservatorships of incapacitated adults.

When someone dies, whether with or without a will, there often exist estate matters that need to be addressed, such as transferring title to property and completing tax forms.  Probate is the process courts use to transfer the legal title of property owned by the one who died to heirs or beneficiaries.

The legal process of transferring property when someone dies can be complex. 

If the estate contains property out of state, it may be necessary to open an ancillary administration to distribute that property.  An ancillary administration is a separate legal proceeding that is required in the state where the property is located. Our firm can review the property documents including deeds and wills to determine what is necessary to complete the probate process.

If someone owing you money has died, you may have a creditor's claim in Probate Court.  It is imperative that your claim is in the correct court such that proper notice is given to your claim.

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