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Guardianship is the management of the affairs of someone who has been judged unable to manage their own affairs. Generally guardianship is ordered by a court on behalf of someone who is called a ward of the court. A guardian assumes the rights of the ward to make decisions about many aspects of daily life. A guardian is directed by ethics and statute to make decisions in the best interest of the ward.

The two most common types of guardianship are limited and plenary. In a limited guardianship the guardian assumes only the delegable rights specifically given by a court order. The subject of the guardianship (called a ward of the court) keeps all other decision-making rights not specifically outlined by the court. In a plenary guardianship the rights enumerated in Florida law that can be delegated can be applied to the person, their estate, or both.

Florida has specific laws governing guardianship proceedings and guardian activities, all of which are designed to protect the interests of the ward. A Florida guardian is accountable to the local court and must report annually on the status of the ward and account for all financial activity

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